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If you want to Maximize your Net,


you might find these Manegament Pearls of value.

Are you sure that whatever collections coming in the door are getting to the bank?  Are your miscellaneous charges making it to the bookkeeper to bill?  Most doctors think that they have this under control until it is too late.  Maybe this pearl can help put your mind at ease.   Most practices think that just because they have a computer that their income and charges are under control.  And…

Is your Financial Coordinator a strong analyzer who pays attention to financial detail?  Is your Financial Coordinator a weak director who finds it difficult to collect past due accounts?  Unfortunately, this is typically the situation, but this pearl can help you to reconcile this dilemma.   A typical Financial Coordinator is usually a task-oriented-person with a strong analyzer style, but a weak get-it-done director style.  The strong analyzer style allows…

Latest Management Pearl

  • Keeping your Team Busy
      Is your practice productive and are your team members busy?  Do you know how to keep them busy when the doctor is not in the office?  Do you have a contingency plan for when you will be out of the office for an extended period of time?  If so, this management pearl may help.   Running a successful practice is not easy, especially when it comes to keeping your…