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Attaining your 2018 Practice Goals

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 01:00
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Attaining your 2018 Practice Goals

Do you have any 2018 new year's resolutions for your practice?  Are they realistic enough to be attained?  Do you have a practical way of attaining them?  Maybe this pearl can help.


If you’re the type that gets inspired at the start of a new year, bursting with hope and energy that it will be better than the previous year, then this pearl is for you.  There isn’t anything that you can’t realistically attain if you truly want it and are willing to put forth the effort.  That effort can be complicated (improving any of your 9 major management systems) or uncomplicated (improving any of their dozens of sub-systems).  It all depends on what you want out of your practice management.


If you want to take on the worthwhile challenge of improving any of the 9 major systems (1-Team Organization, 2-Team Hiring, 3-Team Training, 4-Team Scheduling, 5-Tx Quality Control, 6-TC Programs, 7-Goal Attaining & Reporting, 8-Associate & Partners, and 9-Financial Control)—see the attached PDF and get started.


If you want to take on the lesser challenge of improving any of the sub-systems of the 9 major management systems, see the attached PDF to get started.  Simply choose the sub-system that you desire and recreate it to fit your needs.  You will probably find that while cleaning up these sub-systems that you will automatically improve the level of sophistication of its major system.  And once your overall level of practice management improves you’ll feel confident with your management abilities and want more.

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